Golden Ales

Of course “Gold” is a very popular beer style and it seems like every brewer does one, except us, so far!. Beer or ale covers a huge spectrum and there are many many types and styles just in English Ale or Bitter Beer, but with one huge problem.

The meaning of some of these have been broadened or “smeared” over the years. eg. Best bitter at 3.7% or an IPA at the same 3.7%, Other IPAs running up to 6% or more, American IPA or American Pale Ale etc etc. I get confused.

“Gold” has brought together beers and defined a style very usefully and so the drinking man at the bar sees the pump clip and has a reliable idea of what to expect and it saves the customer having to ask for a taste sample. Most pubs will do that but no one wants to meet a refusal by a surly bar person in a strange pub.

Is there a downside to this “Gold” trend, well possibly. It is only the colour, and within Gold there is quite a variation from straw coloured to almost brown with the attendant variation in maltiness and flavour. It says nothing about the hops and their flavour and aroma. Many “Gold”s have a pronounced citrus hop aroma which can compensate for a low maltiness in a very pale “Gold”, but certainly not all have that lemon zing.

Either of our current two beer styles could be labelled “Gold” but labels can be a bad thing and hopefully we have given them names that describe them accurately and succinctly.

Sentinel “Amber” Ale and Engineers Best “Pale” Ale. Does what it says on the tin!